seeks to be an independent curator of quant coding resources but in order to support our activities we do need sponsors and advertisers who would like to use our platform to raise awareness about their own products and services. We offer several promotional options which, individually or in combination, can help companies get their message out there to our specialised audience of quants and other financial practitioners. For further information please contact or complete the form below.

Display Advertising
Besides offering standard display advertising options across this site, we also offer display placements and opportunities across our other platforms,,, and
Social Media Promotion
Being part of the Money | Science family of websites codeFinance is able to leverage more than 35,000 followers across multiple Twitter Accounts and Facebook Pages.
Provided it is relevant, well-written and topical, we accept advertorial content for publication and subsequent social media promotion through our channels. We do not accept content provided purely for SEO / Linkbuilding purposes.
If you are interested in getting someone from your team to talk shop with Jacob in an online interview, then we’re open to suggestions.
Individual Sponsorship
It’s not only companies we’re interested in! If you like what we’re trying to do here then please consider donating a small amount to help us get off the ground! You can use “Buy me a coffee” or contact if you would like to donate cryptocurrency.
Bespoke Options
Every campaign is different so we like to keep your options open and are more than happy to discuss the different ways we can help you in order to meet your objectives best.
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Here at codeFinance we’re building our library organically based on our own research and recommendations from users. If you’re a publisher with a good back-catalogue of computational finance and financial programming titles, and would like to include a selection of older titles, along with promotion of your newer books then we’d like to hear from you. Aside from including the titles in our library we can also offer author interviews and social media promotion.

Course Providers

Many of the course providers we work with offer revenue sharing via affiliate schemes managed by providers such as Rakuten for Publishers. If you fall into this category, let us know and we will consider joining your scheme. If not, but would like us to promote your courses on a more conventional advertising basis, do let us know using the form below.

Technology Firms

If you are a Technology Firm and would like to use our platform to promote your products or services, or simply for brand-building and awareness-raising we’re more than happy to discuss the options on offer. Additionally, you might consider getting a free listing at TBOOK, our Financial Technology Directory at