The Real World By Andrew Tate

The Real World By Andrew Tate

The Real World is Andrew Tate’s new and improved online membership website. You possibly can think of it as an upgraded version of Hustler’s University – Andrew Tate’s on-line academic platform the place he taught 18 modern wealth creation methods.

You may not know this, however Hustler’s University was attacked by “The Matrix” in August 2022.

They banned his discord server and payment processors, forcing him to quickly shut down Hustler’s University.

At the moment Hustler’s University is back under a new name: The Real World.

Do you hate your job?

Are you frustrated that you just aren’t making more cash?

Do you want you had somebody who may train you the best way to start a web based enterprise, and scale it to more than $10,000 per month?

Andrew Tate claims The Real World is the final word shortcut to making cash online and getting rich. After all, talk is affordable…

In this review we let you know EXACTLY what that you must know about The Real World, together with what kinds of outcomes you possibly can expect after your first 1-three months in the program.

We additionally reply your most necessary questions, including:

What are the 18 modern wealth creation methods?

What’s one of the best way to make cash online?

How fast will I start making cash with The Real World?

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and former professional kickboxer.

He rose to fame in 2022 when he launched a viral internet marketing strategy to promote his new firm “Hustler’s University.”

Andrew Tate went viral on TikTok and YouTube, thanks to his outrageously costly life-style and controversial viewpoints on how you can make money, women, dating, and relationships.

His TikTok movies accrued more than 11.6 billion views in 7 months, and by July 2022 he was “the most googled man in the world.”

What Is Andrew Tate’s Life Story?

Andrew Tate is one of the richest social media influencers on the planet right now, with an estimated net worth of $seven-hundred million dollars. Nevertheless, he wasn’t born rich!

Andrew Tate worked hard to escape what he calls “center class slavery.”

Right here is Andrew Tate’s life story up to now:

Raised within the US and England

Former kickboxing world champion

Kicked off “Big Brother UK” in 2016

Just lately moved to Dubai, UAE

Has a net value of $seven-hundred+ million dollars

Became “probably the most googled man on the earth”

Banned from social media in August 2022

Arrested by Romanian police in December 2022

Andrew says everyone is chargeable for their life and their decisions. He believes anybody who is really decided to get rich will finally attain their goal.

“I’ve no sympathy for broke boys. The richer I get, the less sympathy I’ve because it is so easy to get rich if you happen to’re not lazy, stupid or arrogant!

Each broke boy is either lazy, silly, or arrogant – and usually a combination of all three.”

Andrew Tate says when he was broke, he couldn’t sleep at night! He needed to get rich… badly. And today, he lives the life he wants.

Should you’re critical about getting rich, then it’s good to adchoose an identical mindset.

The Real World is Andrew Tate’s new on-line educational platform where he teaches 18 different ways to make cash online.

The Real World is the successor to Hustler’s University. You possibly can think of it as a “new and improved” version of the old program.

Andrew Tate started Hustler’s University and now The Real World because he realized the traditional academic system is broken. You don’t go to school to learn to become rich – you go to be programmed as a slave…

Just take a look on the following so-called financial advice:

Go to school

Take out student loans

Get a “good stable job”

Pay your taxes

Get a mortgage

Pay your property taxes

End paying off your mortgage

…And so on. Were you taught this rising up? I know I was.

The problem is, this advice does NOT work in the modern world. If you wish to get rich within the 2020s, then it is advisable start your own business – preferably a web-based business. And that’s where The Real World comes in.

The goal of The Real World is to make you an knowledgeable in one in all these 6 enterprise models as quickly as attainable, so you can start making cash and quit your b*llshit 9-5 job.

Who Is The Real World Made For?

If you happen to like having a BS corporate job, paying half your revenue in taxes, and being a slave, then shut this web page proper now.

The Real World (or any “make cash on-line” course) shouldn’t be for you. Nevertheless, for those who understand English and are severe about making money on-line, then you’re precisely who Andrew Tate designed this course for.

Is The Real World Still Open?

Yes, The Real World is still open. Andrew Tate had to shut down Hustler’s University in August 2022 as his Discord server was banned.

However, right this moment Hustler’s University is back online, and rebranded as The Real World.

How Does The Real World Work?

The Real World is a “choose your own adventure” course on find out how to make money online.

There are 6 main campuses teaching different profitable enterprise models, plus a personal finance campus that everybody is inspired to join.