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The Danish

The Danish royal family is facing a ‘very real crisis’ after the row over titles ‘shattered people’s image’ of Queen Margrethe and her family, an expert has claimed. 

The monarch, 82, revealed two weeks ago she would be removing the princely titles from her youngest son Joachim’s four children Nikolai, 23, Felix, 20, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10. 

The news was announced via a palace statement which said: ‘As of January 1 2023, the descendants of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim will only be able to use their titles of Count and Countess of Monpezat, their previous titles of Prince and Princess of Denmark ceasing to exist.’  

Queen Margrethe said she wants the four children to live more normal lives, however, her decision upset Joachim and his four children, with the prince insisting his mother only gave him five days’ notice – despite the Royal Household claiming the decision ‘has been a long time coming’. 

But as the conflict brewed between the Danish royals, Spanish magazine  claimed the real reason for the rift was because Joachim ‘was deeply in love with his sister-in-law Mary’. 

Now, experts have told how the ensuing public row has caused a ‘real crisis’, with royal expert Trine Villemann telling : ‘It has shattered people’s image of the queen, and of the family.’

The Danish royal family has found itself in the midst of a real crisis, according to an expert who said the very public row sparked by Queen Margrethe (pictured) stripping her four youngest grandchildren of their titles has shown people a different side 

Prince Joachim (centre) has publicly voiced his dismay at his mother’s decision to strip his children of their titles (pictured L-R: Prince Felix, Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Princess Athena, Prince Henrik and Prince Nikolai in September)

The row has been further complicated by reports that Prince Joachim (right) is in love with his sister-in-law Crown Princess Mary (centre), who is married to Crown Prince Frederik (left)

‘There may have been questions of protocol, but she is a mother and a grandmother – couldn’t she just have picked up the phone and said, look, we have to sort this out?’

Meanwhile Jacob Heinel Jensen, royal correspondent of the BT tabloid, said it is the public nature of the squabbling that has shocked people the most. 

He explained: ‘It’s extremely unusual, even unprecedented.

‘Not only did they quite clearly fail to talk it all over internally, but they are now washing their dirty linen in public…We all like this fairytale idea of a happy, harmonious royal family – but it turns out they’re really not.’ 

Prince Frederik of Denmark ‘was not part of a meeting’ between his mother Queen Margrethe II and his younger brother over royal titles, the Royal Household confirmed – after Prince Joachim admitted the siblings’ relationship is ‘complicated’.Pictured, Frederik and Joachim in August 2022

Queen Margrethe (centre, in 2015) had a meeting with Prince Joachim (right) following animosity after he said his children were ‘hurt’ by her decision to remove their princely titles (Left: Crown Prince Frederik)

Speaking after the public announcement was made, Prince Joachim told Ekstra Bladet his children had been ‘hurt’ by the decision and that he had only been given five days to break the news to them before it was publicly announced.

Meanwhile, heir to the throne Frederick and his wife Princess Mary’s four children – Prince Christian, 16, Princess Isabella, 15, and Welcome Bonus Slot 100% twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, 11 – remain unaffected by Margrethe’s decision as they are direct descendants of the future King.   

Amid the scandal, Joachim and his second wife Marie admitted their relationship with his older brother Crown Prince Frederik and his sister-in-law Crown Princess Mary is ‘complicated’. 

And the Spanish magazine Vaniatis Elconfidencial has since sparked more speculation around the rift, after reporting that Joachim ‘was deeply in love with his sister-in-law Mary’

A Spanish magazine reported the Prince had been ‘deeply in love’ with his sister-in-law and Crown Prince Frederik’s wife, Princess Mary. Pictured in 2014

The Danish Royal Family tree. Prince Joachim’s children Nikolai, 23, Felix, 20, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10, will all be losing their titles on January 1, 2023

A photograph was even published by Swedish woman’s weekly magazine ‘Svensk Damtidning’, allegedly showing Joachim trying to kiss Mary at a gala party of the Royal Guard Regiment.

The Spanish magazine recalled: ‘With obvious signs of drunkenness, it seems that the youngest son of Queen Margarethe tried to stamp his lips on his sister-in-law’s mouth, that she got out of the way as she could and with an unperturbed smile, while Marie witnessed the embarrassing moment.’  

While Prince Joachim is understood to have since met with his mother to discuss the rift, reports say Crown Prince Frederik was not part of the meeting’.

Following the meeting, the palace confirmed that the monarch and Joachim want to ‘look forward’ and are trying to ‘find their way through’ their differences, amid the very public row.

It’s been a dramatic few weeks for the Danish Royal Family after Queen Margarethe II of Denmark announced she would be removing princely titles from four of her grandchildren. (Pictured, L-R: Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Princess Mary and Prince Frederik in 2019)

Queen Margrethe of Denmark and her eldest son refused to answer questions regarding the fallout of last week’s bombshell royal titles as they arrived at the state opening of parliament on Tuesday

Queen Margrethe (pictured in blue) made the decision to strip princely titles from Prince Nikolai (left), Prince Felix (second from left), Prince Henrik (right) and Princess Athena (second from right). Also pictured: Prince Joachim and Princess Marie

A bitter royal row within the household has unfolded in recent weeks after Queen Margrethe, 82, announced she would be removing princely titles from Joachim’s children, Prince Nikolai, 23, Prince Felix, 20, Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 10. Pictured, Marie, Joachim, Mary and Frederik on 11 September 2022 in Denmark

As of January 1, Prince Nikolai, 23, Prince Felix, 20, Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 10, will become Counts and Countesses, and will be known as Their Excellencies, it was announced on Wednesday. Pictured, the children with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie on September 11, 2022

Last Tuesday, amid the ongoing row, Queen Margrethe and her eldest son refused to answer questions regarding the fallout as they arrived at the state opening of parliament.  

Margrethe was joined by Crown Prince Frederick and his wife Princess Mary at the opening of the Folketing, in Copenhagen. 

The assembled press asked a flurry of questions to all three royals on their arrival but the trio ‘chose with big smiles to turn their backs to the press and talk among themselves before they entered Christiansborg’, the seat of the Danish parliament, according to local news outlet It came hours after Queen Margrethe issued a public apology for her decision to strip four of her grandchildren – the sons and daughters of her youngest son, Prince Joachim – of their royal titles. 

She said she was sorry for hurting her family with the ‘difficult decision’ but insisted it was the right choice. 

Danish royal commentators said the public statement was ‘completely unusual’ and showed how serious the conflict within the family has become. 

They added the Queen likely fears coming across as an ‘ice queen’, following several emotive public statements from Joachim in which he spoke of how his children had been ‘harmed’ by their grandmother’s decision.   

In a statement released online, the Queen said she had made the decision as ‘a mother, grandmother and monarch’ and ‘no one should doubt’ her family are ‘her great pride and joy’

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark (pictured) have admitted their relationship with Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary is ‘complicated’ – and that they still haven’t heard from Margrethe II after she stripped four of her grandchildren of their royal titles

Front: Queen Margrethe, Middle Row (left to right): Prince Vincent, Princess Josephine, Princess Athena, Prince Henrik. Back row (left to right): Princess Benedikte, Princess Isabella, Crown Princess Mary, Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Christian, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai in a portrait celebrating Queen Margrethe’s Golden Jubilee

Speaking to Danish publication , royal house expert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen said: ‘It is a completely unusual situation, it is historic, and it shows something about the seriousness that the Queen feels called to make such a personal announcement in a press release. 

‘It is quite unusual and she has never done this before. It shows that there is a huge conflict.’

Mr Sørensen added the Queen’s statement was a way of ‘trying to close this conflict’ and draw a line under it, following several days of turbulence between the monarch and her youngest son.

Two weeks ago, Prince Joachim told Ekstra Bladet his children had been ‘hurt’ by their grandmother’s decision to remove their princely titles and make them counts and countesses, adding he had only had a few days to break the news to them before it was announced publicly.

Prince Joachim of Denmark (pictured) once again hit out at his mother Queen Margrethe II’s decision to strip his four children of their royal titles

Speaking in Copenhagen (pictured) Crown Princess Mary of Denmark defended her mother-in-law Queen Margrethe’s decision to strip four of her grandchildren of their royal titles, and suggested her own children’s positions might not be secure

However, according to Mr Sørensen: ‘You cannot have members or former members of the royal house constantly speaking in the press about the Queen’s decision and discussing back and forth with each other in full public view.’  

He added Queen Margrethe ‘had to say something’ following Prince Joachim’s public comments.